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My first lesbian kiss

Hello, my name is Julie and this is my site where you can see me nude with my legs spread as wide as I can get them. First though, I'd love to tell you about my first lesbian experience, my first lesbian kiss. It was with a girl called Abigail, who as a result of what happened that night became a model like me. You can see some pictures of her and me pussy licking and lesbian kissing on this site. So please read on…

Abigail was round for the evening, we'd had a few glasses of wine, and were at a loose end what to do next (nothing on TV as usual). I suggested I get the photo albums out, and with a slight look of resigned boredom she agreed. I got a few albums out of friends, family, etc. What I didn't realise was there was one containing pictures of me modeling mixed in with the others. Once she got to it and opened the first page, I don't know who was more surprised - me because my secret was out or her because she thought I worked in a fashion shop!

She asked me if I enjoyed taking my clothes off and exposing myself in front of loads of men. She said that although she was working as a waitress in a diner now, she'd often dreamed of being a model and opening her legs to show her pussy to men. I told her yes, it's a real turn on to have all those men's eyes staring at my naked body and opening my legs as far as I possibly can for them to gaze at my exposed pussy.

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